Diablo 3 - Out This Year?

Posted by Scotty Fields on 6:31 PM

I just read on 1up.com that Blizzard Entertainment was targeting 3rd Quarter of this year for a beta start date with their very anticipated title Diablo 3. What great news! I seriously think this game has the possibility of being released this year and actually SHOULD be released this year.

Think about it. If Blizzard plans on releasing Starcraft 2: Heart of the Swarm in 2012 it only makes sense, from a marketing perspective, to get D3 out this year. I know millions out there are chomping at the bit (like I am) to see and play this game. I got a chance to play the game with some friends both Co-Op mode and PVP mode and I loved it. The graphics are great and it has the look and feel of yet another Blizzard classic. One thousand beta keys were given out at BlizzCon last year supposedly so I am still hanging on to the thought that I may be one of the lucky ones who get to beta test the game during Q3 of this year.

This might be the only game that can give Portal 2 a run for its money for "Game of the Year". Come on Blizzard, you can do it!


Now this is a game I can get excited about!

@Felicia - AMEN! I can't wait for this game's release.

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