Sound Blaster World of Warcraft Wireless Headset

Posted by Scotty Fields on 10:42 PM

I received this for Christmas and thought I would give my opinion on the ups and downs of the Sound Blaster World of Warcraft wireless headset.

The ear phones are studio quality, sound-canceling and surround-sound. The headset is built rugged to withstand dropping but is also very well padded at the top and on the ears with the gamer's comfort in mind. There is a mute button and volume control located on the ear pieces of the headset as well. Another feature that I enjoy is the fact that I can charge the headset while I use it. Also, the mic can be unplugged if you want to simply use the headset as a pair of wireless headphones. Don't get to far from the source though. This baby will get good reception at about 30 feet and that's it.

The sound that you get through them is amazing. As I mentioned before, they offer surround-sound and crisp clean audio. The headset can be installed by simply plugging the USB receptor into your computer and synching it with the headset. It also comes with a driver package that can be downloaded which really adds a lot to the functionality of the headset. The driver program let's you set EQ levels, turn on/off surround-sound and change your voice to sound like your favorite WOW creature. My buddies and I got quite a few kicks out of the sound of my voice as the village elder.

There are a few features that didn't seem that cool to me as well. Changing the color of the lenses on the outside of the headset is one such feature. I think that these lenses can also be exchanged for different ones but I could never find out how to change them. They are nice additions however.

All in all I think that this headset was very much worth the money spent on it. My girlfriend enjoys the fact that my computer isn't noisy (although I talk louder with them on due to the noise-canceling ) and I love the fact that my audio can be as loud as I want it in better quality than I could get out of my laptop's speakers. Add in the fact that they are wireless and that the volume can be controlled on the headset itself and you have a very great product indeed. I give this product 5 stars.


who is your girlfriend? lol... I thought I was your Fiancée??? Ain't going to be no wedding. :) j/p

I have got to show this to a buddy of mine, him and his wife game together a lot on WoW. This would be the perfect gift for him.

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