My Trip to BlizzCon 2011

Posted by Scotty Fields on 12:23 PM

As I mentioned in a previous blog post, my brother and I got a chance to go to Anaheim, California for Blizzard Entertainment's annual convention also know as BlizzCon. I decided to write a post dedicated to our trip and the fun and friends we have encountered along the way.

Our trip started in our hometown of Richmond, Kentucky on a Wednesday morning after a late night of Starcraft 2 and getting psyched out of our minds. We had our good friends Eric Cartman, Kyle, Stan and Kenny to keep us company as well.

Our flight to the con was filled with some competitive Game Boy Advanced play of a classic - Goldeneye 007. I used to take it easy on little bro when we played the game years ago. Now I couldn't keep up with him. Think he won every single match until I cried for mommy half way through the plane ride to California. We also played some Mario Kart and Super Mario Brothers Advanced where I began to find my stride. These things made the travel tine of 7 hours as short as it could be.

Once we landed in Anaheim we hurried off to find our shuttle. After we found our waiting area and sat down we began talking to the woman who was waiting as well. We found out that she was going to BlizzCon as well and that she was an employee of Blizzard out of Austin, Texas. She told us that she was a Game Master for World of Warcraft and that this would be her first year at the Con. I became more excited at what awaited my brother in the days that were to come. I remembered thinking last year that this weekend was the weekend where everyone and everything was about gaming.

We were pleasantly surprised by our hotel room as well. We ended up staying at the Desert Palm which is about a five minute walk from the convention and our room was much larger than I expected. In addition to the two queen beds we were also provided with a living area with a second big screen TV, a couch and a recliner. We took our walk out to the convention center to have an early look around and then scored some pizza at a store by the hotel. We finished up the night by playing some more Starcraft 2 and laughing hysterically at South Park episodes until we could play no more.

I realize that this blog post is becoming long so I have decided to break the post up into five parts - one for each day - and space them out a little. Stay tuned for the continuation of our BlizzCon adventure.


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