WoW Annual Pass: Get Diablo 3 for Free + Beta Eligibility

Posted by Scotty Fields on 2:18 PM

Take a moment to breathe it all in. Chris Metzen announced Friday at BlizzCon that Blizzard will be offering Diablo 3 to all who sign up fog their new Annual Pass for WoW free of charge!

The WoW Annual Pass is a 12 month commitment to pay for a WoW subscription. It can be paid in monthly increments or a variety of different ways. It basically guarantees that you will be a paid subscriber to WoW for the next year. If customers sign up, Blizzard has promised a free digital download of Diablo 3 once it has been publicly released.

Customers who sign up for the Annual Pass will also be participants in WoW's latest expansion - Mists of Pandaria and receive a bad-ass Tyrael's Charger mount. You can sign up at the Blizzard website.

Way to go Blizzard. Just when we thought your numbers for WoW subscribers would drop for good you have found a way to go on strong!


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