Tribes Ascend Closed Beta Goes Live

Posted by Scotty Fields on 1:45 PM

On Friday, November 4th Hi-Res studios announced that Tribes Ascend, the latest installment in the Tribes series, entered it's closed beta status. Immortal Gamer was able to get our hands on a few of these keys so we decided to give it a try.

If you were a fan of Tribes 2 then this game will be right up your alley. The maps are large and the action is fast-paced. Tribes Ascend brings back the jetpacks, skiing and the weaponry we know and love from it's predecessors.

The spinfuser, a staple of Tribes games, makes a return appearance in the weapon load outs with a slight twist. There are now three different types of spinfusers: light, medium and heavy. Each model can be carried by the corresponding armor type and will get increases to damage and splash radiuses as they increase in size.
It has been a while (seven years in fact) since a Tribes game has hit the market but, after a chance to actually play the latest installment, it may have been worth it. The wait may soon be over!
Stay tuned to immortalgamer.blogspot.com for our complete review of this exciting beta!


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