Starcraft 2 Woes

Posted by Scotty Fields on 8:50 PM

My brother and I have been playing Starcraft 2 almost every night since Season 2 started. I am currently a Gold League player in 1v1 and he is a Silver League player in 1v1. Somehow, together we are in the Bronze League with our 2v2 team. We have been winning more than we are losing but we just can't seem to get out of Bronze.

We both play Protoss and sometimes I think that works against us. I definitely don't think we are ready for gold or even the top of Silver but I would love to get out of Bronze. We have beaten our fare share of Silver League players but we do loose the occasional game to a Bronze League-er. I guess we'll keep pluggin away. Practice makes perfect.


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LOL StarCraft Love it My sons do I mean ! they are addicted to it

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Good luck with your blog!

Jen @ My Secret Home

@Felicia Thank you so much for stopping by. @KAT I am seriously hooked on Blizzard games. Does your son play Portal 2? That is another one of my favs. @Jen thanks for paying me a visit!

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